Fermented Black Ginger

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Ingredients: 95% Black Ginger and 5% Honey Fermented
  • 👑 Black ginger obtained from fresh ginger in Vietnamese Central Highland has been fermented with pure honey for a period of time at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.
  • 👑 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Vegan friendly, Sugar free, Non GMO, No preservative. 100% pure Honey and Ginger
  • 👑 PERFECT FOR ENJOYABLE TIME: Black ginger can eat directly, add to cheese, soup, salad, chocolate or tea depending on your need.
  • 👑 1 pack of 100 gram (3.53 oz), able to have 20 - 30 cups of ginger tea.
  • 👑 Black ginger is available for top chefs and home cooks alike who want to apply the herbal spices to improve immunity and health. BUY IT NOW!!